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厨房灶台风水有讲究 厨房灶台朝向设计很关键
Kitchen hearth geomantic have pay attention to kitchen hearth front to design very key



































Kitchen counter is set in the center of the kitchen.Set in kitchen center, all around do not have rely on, family is not stable, have to family spirit depressive and admonition have the disaster of fortune.

The kitchen counter should not face the kitchen door.The stove to the kitchen door, family discord, bad temper, money damage.

Kitchen table bogey does not have backside to rely on.Hearth should rely on a wall and put, the backside when host cooks has backer, represent family stability, healthy and beneficial.

Kitchen location bogey back on the toilet, another water and fire impact, in addition to the toilet easy to attract insects and ants, and there are foul bacteria.

Hearth avoid is opposite bedroom door.Anger is bad for one's health.

Hearth front, want according to householder happy with the direction and decide.For example, homeowner hi wood can be east (east wood), beneficial to homeowner.

Hearth avoid is close to water.Have tap water, with faucet close, water fire often affects each other, have danger.Also cannot be close with freezer, hearth takes fire gas, as close as freezer, cold heat bump, energy is consumed, rural use water crock, cannot set hearth beside water crock or be opposite water crock, photograph of fire and water gram, adverse to luck cheng.

Hearth bogey is right blunt absolute being.Fire stove chong god, is disrespectful to the gods, easy to cause trouble, cause the house bad luck.

Hearth taboo is set below the window.Outside the window sand dust attack, unsanitary.

Hearth has height to have exquisite.Too tall bad cook, too low criterion operation difficulty, with 86-100 centimeters had better.

Contraindication on the back of the stove

Kitchen avoid is carried on the back is opposite: of kitchen mouth and building already sit to just opposite, for example the building is to sit south to north, and kitchen mouth is to sit north to south, do not have good luck.

The stove bogey straight flush

Kitchen bogey door way is blunt directly: in the geomantic idea of Chinese tradition, think hutch kitchen is the place that a cook eats raise life, because this shoulds not be too, expose, the outside gas that is brought by door way place inaptly especially is blunt directly.

The kitchen door on the stove is taboo

Hutch door is bad to the kitchen: hutch kitchen is unfavorable exposure, see a kitchen outside big door, admittedly bad, and see kitchen outside the kitchen door also unfavorable.

Of and toilet relative

Avoid and toilet are opposite: cooking range is a place that cook food, because this place should pay attention to sanitation, can fall ill from the mouth otherwise, harm body health, and toilet is in possession of a lot of filth and bacterium, because this place is unfavorable adjacent toilet, especially furnace mouth cannot be opposite with from sit lavatory.

(5) avoid facing the door

Avoid and the door are opposite: hutch kitchen stove is the place that makes a fire to cook food, very hot, because this is unfavorable, be opposite with the door, unfavorable to the person in the room otherwise.

• • • not suitable for sleeping close to the room

Unfavorable press close to sleeps a room: kitchen gives birth to fiery heat, because the lampblack when frying, generation is unsuited to human body, reason this cooking range is not auspicious to just door, especially of berth more unsuited

The bogey is empty behind liraglitide

Kitchen avoid backside hollowness: kitchen appropriate backside relies on a wall, unfavorable and hollowness, if backside is transparent vitreous also not auspicious, because this is as ancient book place cloud: "every kitchen, avoid window smooth shoot, advocate fierce."

Therefore avoid on the waterway

Do not put them in a watercourse. The stove is a fire, and the watercourse is a drain. Fire and water are incompatible.

, the top of the bogey frame

Oven bogey crossbeam is pressed on the top: geomantic study has "crossbeam is pressed on the top" inauspicious view, berth or sit chair upper part has crossbeam to press on the top is not auspicious certainly, and crossbeam is pressed on the top on kitchen more unsuited, harmful to health.

We will not bias sun exposure

Unfavorable setting sun illuminate: for geomantic study, the kitchen is westward, especially the cooking range that cook food suffers western this world illuminate, do not have good luck.

2 2 should not be pointed shooting

Unfavorable cusp is blunt shoot: geomantic home thinks cusp is sharp, cause damage easily, because this is opposite cusp is blunt shoot very taboo, and cooking range is the place that a cook eats raise a life, if get cusp is blunt shoot, can be opposite the health of the family is damaged.

In dry water, avoid fire

Avoid water fire photograph to rush: kitchen place avoids to rely on bowl basin closely, cooking range belongs to a fire, and wash bowl basin belongs to water, because this both is unfavorable reach close, more avoid cooking range is sandwiched between two water, for example be between washing machine and bowl basin.

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